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Millionaires Unveiled

Nov 26, 2017

Dr. James Dahle, MD operates the successful blog titled “The White Coat Investor.” He’s an emergency physician residing in Utah and has a current net worth of between five and eight million dollars. He’s also written a book titled, “The White Coat Investor, A Doctor’s Guide to Personal Finance and...

Nov 15, 2017

Mo has a current net worth of 1.6M. He lives in India, but travels often to the United States for work. He owns and leases a large commercial office property which is composed of 90% of his net worth. We ask him if that makes him nervous (having most of his net worth tied up in one property), and why he's chosen...

Nov 15, 2017

Chris has a current net worth of 3.6M. Most of his net worth came from the sale of a computer software company for 3M. Chris dives into how this business got started, and what he did to make it successful. He provides fantastic tips and input on growing and structuring a small business. After selling the business,...

Nov 14, 2017

This episode offers a brief introduction including who we are, what the show is about, and what you'll gain from listening.