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Millionaires Unveiled

Jun 26, 2023

Jeff and Dawn (Jace's Parents) have a current Net Worth of $1.0+ million. They are in their early 60's and late 50's. 25% is in real estate, 60% is in retirement and other market investments and the remainder in cash and personal items.  

Jun 20, 2023

Max has a current net worth between $3-$5 million. We averaged for $4 in the title. He first appeared on the show a few years ago on episode 172. We get into the recent journey he has taken to go from $1 million just a couple of years ago to over $3 million today and what drives him now. 

Jun 12, 2023

Jordan has a net worth around $1.0 million. He is in his early 30's. Just over half of his net worth is invested in the market among various retirement accounts and non-retirement accounts. He has a little home equity, some crypto and the rest in high business. He is a former teacher turned professional...

Jun 5, 2023

Eric has a net worth of $1.2 million. He is in his 30's and in the Military and speaks several languages. He has a paid for house of 540k, Roth Accounts around 290k, Traditional Accounts around 60k some cash and precious metals/jewelry that make up the rest. He doesn't have a credit card.