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Millionaires Unveiled

Oct 26, 2020

Daniel has a current net worth of 2.7MM, 1MM of which is invested in retirement accounts. He works as an electrical engineer and is 44 years old. Daniel shares that he lost about 700K during COVID which has since rebounded. He discusses his investment allocation (mostly index funds), averaging into the market,...

Oct 19, 2020

Leslie has a net worth of $500K. He's an immigrant from Cameroon and a new real estate investor. Of the $500K, 40% is invested in real estate while the remainder is in cash and stock market investments. We discuss personal improvement and mindset, how Leslie got his start, and what makes him happy now. He also...

Oct 12, 2020

John has a current net worth of 2.5MM. He has about 800K invested in his paid off primary home, 400K in retirement accounts, and the remainder in brokerage accounts. Upon college graduation he had several job offers and chose to work for a smaller company in which he was able to move up the chain and receive equity....

Oct 5, 2020

This interview is different than our normal weekly interviews. Instead of interviewing a millionaire and hearing about their financial journey and story, we were interviewed and share what has stood out to us from interviewing over 150 millionaires. This original interview appeared on the Earn and Invest Podcast -